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1440 Coffee Roasters

Our partnership began when we were introduced by a brand ambassador of 1440 Coffee Roasters.  Emails and Direct Messages on Instagram were exchanged.  After our first chat on the phone, I knew this would turn into something great.  Our visions for where we wanted our businesses to go aligned in perfect fashion.  1440 believes in making the world a better place "one cup at a time" and we want to improve the lives of families battling childhood cancer. 


we both agree that the day doesn't start off on the right foot without a great cup of coffee.  Our original goal was to provide coffee to the families and health care workers on the hospital floor.  one would think this would be an easy task to accomplish, but hospital regulations make this a challenging effort.  We started by bringing freshly brewed 1440 coffee via myself but soon after I realized how demanding this task was.  Our second effort was to drop off freshly ground beans in air sealed bags every few weeks.  After a couple visits to the hospital I soon realized that these grounds were not getting used fast enough to stay fresh.  so after a few trials and tribulations we have found that currently, the best way for us to get amazing and fresh coffee in the hands of families and health care workers is to send it to them directly.  


When you purchase a bag of "Al" Salvador Signature Roast the proceeds go toward this endeavor.  For this we are so thankful for our partnership and friendship with 1440 Coffee Roasters.  Together we have accomplished so much in so little time and become family.  Ryan the owner of 1440 Coffee Roasters has also participated in Alex's Memorial workout for the past two years.  He not only shows his support in coffee but also with his sweat.  If you would like to help please donate or purchase coffee from 1440 Coffee Roasters.  1440 also has some excellent content on how to make a great cup of coffee.  

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