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Current/Future Projects

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Current Projects

We are currently working to raise funds for the Henson Family and their little Honey Badger Wylie Rae.  Their story can be found here.  We are also continuing to support children and families that are serviced by the CHildren's Hospital of Georgia.  We do this by providing art supplies, toiletries, snacks, and many other small items that help to distract from the current situation.

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Past projects

With the funds raised from Alex's memorial workout, our first project provided play mats for the Pediatric Oncology clinic and hospital floor at Children's Hospital of Georgia. patients stay for hours in the clinic receiving infusions, and days on the floor when their treatment requires that they be in the hospital. 

We have also partnered with Wind River Chimes to provided wind chimes for all pediatric patients who have gained their wings.  More information can be found here.

St. Mary on the Hill catholic school grade 4 held an art supply drive that was able to provide an abundance of crayon, colored pencils, notebooks, and coloring books.  These items are in high demand and quickly run in short supply!

With the help from St. Mary on the hill Catholic School and Shepeard Community Blood Center, we have been able to schedule very successful blood Drives every 8 weeks or so at St. Mary Catholic School.  Blood is in high demand for our heroes and it is essential that we contribute to the blood supply in our area.

Last September we were able to raise $5k for the future bone marrow transplant program at CHOG.  We did this through Alex's Memorial Workout and our first annual butterfly release and hero Fun walk.  The future BMT program means a lot to us and the community as it will allow more families to stay close to home for more of their treatment which allows them to be close to their support systems.


Future projects

Alex's memorial workout will be a yearly event and hopefully next year we will be able to schedule the workout for the last week in August to help jumpstart September, the month of childhood cancer awareness.  Future projects include organizing a 5K, putting together art boxes, and blood drives.  We also plan to organize toy and art supply drives and gifting opportunities through our shop.

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