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after Alex passed, we received a gift from friends of ours, a WindChime. We had not owned a windchime before.  Emotionally drained and in a mental fog that only grief can bestow, Erin opened the box labeled corinthian Bells without expectation of what was inside. The chime was simply stunning. robust and painted dark blue with a heavenly shimmer.  Erin removed the packing and reoriented the tubes and striker. They began to sing.  The sound was Beautiful.  She walked out our front door and hung them from an empty hook.  a 3-year-old Matthew in tow, motioned to be held up and tugged at the striker. He then stated matter-of-factly, "That's Alex and the Angel's music."  He was right, that is exactly what the sound was.  Our other kids too were enamored with the Corinthian Bells.  Matty still often goes outside to gently move the chime so he can hear them--so he can hear Alex.


 As the days, weeks, and then months passed, our family's love for the windchime grew.  Whether it catches us off guard, or just in the right moment when we are missing him deeply, the beautiful song brings a smile and joy to know he is still with us. He is cancer free. And he will never be forgotten. Alex's chime is hanging where it is the last thing we see as we leave, and the first thing we see as we return home. It is uncanny how often we have experienced hearing the most subtle song from that chime as we are quietly remembering Al and there seemed to be no breeze at all. They are a reminder of our superhero and what matters most. 

Those who beat cancer get to 'ring the bell,' to celebrate their gift of life.  While we never got to witness Alex ring that bell, there is a sense of peace in seeing and hearing our Corinthian Bell and remembering our sweet Angel baby boy and appreciating the impact he continues to have on our lives.  We hoped other families too, could appreciate the beautiful song and reminder of their child as they heal from the raw pain of such loss, and for years to come. AlexStrong supports the children and their families beyond the battle. 


We reached out to Wind River Chimes and they so graciously gifted AlexStrong Foundation numerous chimes to fulfill this goal of our foundation.  these heavenly chimes are being sent to families who have recently lost a child to cancer. 

If you are interested in purchasing a Corinthian bell for yourself or someone else, please go to  They come in various sizes, sounds, and colors.  Alex's chime is a 36" chime.  We later purchased a 64" chime which pairs well with Alex's Chime.   

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